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As the colonists began their struggles on this new planet, a subtle hierarchy began to appear as well. Those who came from old families, old money and influence, wanted to establish dominance and began exerting their influences and strengthening their control. Prejudice against Tubers-those who's DNA  was spliced together in a lab and grown in a tube- was rife in the new colony.

The story centers around Amanda, Nick (her pod companion / husband) and Amanda's brother Paul. There are many other characters interacting with this trio as they struggle with the day to day difficulties of this new world. They discover a fascinating array of plants and animals, some extremely dangerous. It isn't long before they lose one of their own to a lake-residing beast.

The higher oxygen levels and lower gravity seems to have heightened their endurance levels as it seemed to have increased the sizes of the animals on this new planet, all appearing to be larger than the animals from Earth.

As the tensions rise in the colony, it isn't long before Amanda and Nick begin searching, yet again, for another place to live. They begin building a new home in secret.

As the embryos from Earth are grown to provide them with herd animals, so too, are the human embryos grown to aid in increasing their population.  Tensions between the splintering factions increase until finally, culminating in a climatic exodus to 'Stone City'.

As they struggled to establish themselves in this new city, away from the protection of their ship and it's force field, they discover more difficulties to overcome even the loss of one of their own to a beast from Terra. This planet is far from the utopia they had dreamed of back on Earth, and they question their choice to leave their homeworld for some place so strange and dangerous. But there is no going back.

The runaway greenhouse effect had caused the temperatures to soar. There was virtually no rain, and most of the animal life had gone extinct. They were on the brink of a nuclear war over the Earth's most precious commodity, water.

The Life Trust Guild had a Hail Mary Pass of a plan. The Guild had found a habitable planet ten thousand light years away. They intended to hijack two spaceships from NASA. The Guild would stuff as much technology and information on board as they could lay their hands on.  Then send 400 civilians plus crew on a one way trip into the cosmos and hope they would survive, survive the trip and what ever life the planet had in store for them.

Their new home among the stars was christened Terra.

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